About Me

I am a Nairobi-based freelance writer, editor and poet who specializes in social justice, entrepreneurship, literature, visual arts and travel. I began freelance writing in 2012, but my passion for creative writing, especially poems and short stories, began from childhood. I had a major breakthrough in 2006 when the East African Standard published my poem “The Blank Mind” in their Poetic Licence column. This was my first published work, a priceless moment for any writer. Since then I have had two more poems published in the same paper, and various online platforms.

I am a versatile freelance writer from one of the most vibrant African countries, and I am particularly fascinated by the arts and their influence in consistently moving our world and changing lives. I believe that there is space for the merging of the arts and entrepreneurship, a connection which allows artists to thrive in their work.

If you would like to work with me you can get in touch through my contact page.

Welcome to my website.